Failure Analysis

Unfortunately, even with thoroughly performed inspections and good maintenance work, we can never be certain that materials do not fail during operation. If this occurs, it is of vital importance that the boiler is adequately repaired and taken back into service as soon as possible. This normally works rather well. Unfortunately the failures are not always properly analysed, due to lack of time and sufficient resources, which often lead to new problems and further unplanned shutdowns. Many of the failures are systematic and reoccur, if the main reason for the failure is not eliminated.

Safe Control Boiler Service recommends all clients to analyse all failures, especially the ones occurring for the first time. In order to achieve high availability of the unit, it is of vital importance that the main cause of the problems is cured completely after a failure, instead of eliminating the temporary symptoms as they show up. Safe Control Boiler Service offers the clients a unique combination of boiler technology “know-how” combined with full metal and chemical laboratory services at Safe Control Material Technology, a member of The Safe Control Group. We can examine the material samples from the laboratory/metallurgy and boiler technology perspectives at the same time. The laboratory is fully equipped for all analyses required in the steam boiler business, and much more. The laboratory is also certified by the Swedish Authority “Swedac” for all kind of examinations in accordance to European rules.