Fieldwork Supervision

We all know that the fieldwork differs a lot from the workshop fabrication with consideration to affectivity, safety and compliance with the drawings. A high percentage of boiler failures are annually caused by mistakes made during erection of the units or modifications made at site. It may come as a surprise, but the fact is, that it is seldom the butt-welding works that are causing the main problems. Majority of the defects detected during supervision work, inspection of the boilers and at failure analysis, are caused by welding of attachments, seal welding or inadequately installed auxiliary equipment. There are no guaranties that supervision of the fieldwork will detect all inadequately performed works, but most certainly it reduces the risks and most often leads to better results and higher finish. Long experience of defects caused by inadequate installations gives Safe Control Boiler Service a large advantage in performance of such a supervision work. Since the fieldwork installations are almost always a compromise between a desired quality level and the shortest possible delivery time (shut down time) it is of vital importance that the supervising engineer is able to make the proper judgements about the quality level directly at site, while the work is proceeding. It is important to make immediate decisions about what is acceptable, what is essential and what must be rejected. Safe Control Boiler Service field engineers are always well-experienced senior engineers, familiar with the problems and consequences of inadequately performed works.