Boiler Inspections

The steam boilers of today are often high capacity units, built for high production rates, and high availability. In order to maintain the suitable high availability of the units, it is of vital importance that the visual inspections of the boilers are performed annually, during the planned shutdowns. It is also of great importance that the inspecting personnel are familiar with the equipment and the failures occurring in the units. This is especially important in order to detect the defects prior to causing an unplanned shutdown of the unit or worse, a catastrophic failure. Whatever your company need, it is the goal to offer you a first class service, carried out by first class engineers. Safe Control Boiler Service can of course also subcontract services to you from other European, South and North American companies, specialized in NDT, engineering, stress-analysis or other areas. We work frequently with companies as ÅF-kontroll and Inspecta AB in Sweden and MKS or Nucleo in Brazil. It is also our goal to have a worldwide representation in order to facilitate the contacts. For the South American marked we have a local representation in Brazil with highly experienced shut down and boiler inspection specialists. Sergio Roberto Stahl, who is in charge of the South American activities, has many years of experience of boiler inspections and shut down works from Aracruz Celulose S.A. Safe Control Boiler Service is capable to perform various types of boiler inspections in all types of steam boilers. Our speciality however is inspections of chemical recovery boilers in pulp & paper industry and all types of power units. The inspections cover visual inspection and if requested also required NDT activities such as conventional tube wall thickness measurements, furnace wall tube scanning using various techniques and equipment, internal scanning using IRIS, Accu-Scan or surface failure detection methods as liquid penetrant test or magnetic particle test. All inspections are performed under the leadership of a well-experienced senior engineer. We do hope that we can obtain the pleasure to perform many different services for you, supporting you in your successful future.