Fabrication Supervision / Control

Large quantities of sophisticated and expensive boiler equipment is often purchased without any other quality control than the one required by the applicable boiler standard / code. Sometimes even without that. The requirements in standards / codes such as ASME Section I, ANSI B31 or EN 12952, EN 13480 or 13445 covers the basics only. These requirements are rather general, and cover the lowest accepted quality level, issued in order to maintain a certain safety level for personnel working with the equipment. These international Standards / Codes are required by the national laws and they do not consider any aspects of high boiler availability or annual maintenance work.

Safe Control Boiler Service is not certified to carry out the supervision work as required by many countries pressure equipment authorities (as notified body or AI), but well qualified to supervise the fabrication and review the drawings, seen from availability, safety and maintenance work perspectives.

Safe Control Boiler Service engineers have long time experience from work in boiler workshops, belonging to first class boiler manufacturers as Babcock, Combustion Engineering, Götaverken, Svenska Maskinverken, or Metso. That combined with long experience from failure analysis and boiler inspections, gives the best ground for fabrication supervision / control and design review. Using Safe Control Boiler Service you can save yourselves a lot of unnecessary problems, and be assured that products you order will arrive in expected condition and meet your company internal standards.